Festivals in Karachi.

Karachi is the city where people enjoy every event with joy and courage.there are so many different festivals held at Karachi. People from the other languages and different culture also celebrate their festivals and events in Karachi and we the people of Karachi celebrate the festivals with big heart and with pure intentions. There are culture events, musicals events, art exhibitions , award shows, educational fair, book fair, concerts , coke fest , eat food festivals, flower festivals , held at Karachi and we celebrate every event, every festivals with so much of enjoyment. In December, new year festivals are held at different locations in Karachi like port grand and Clifton beach, etc, At the start of the year there are business fairs, book fairs, educational fairs and some concerts, food festivals held in Karachi so we can begin the year with joy and in the middle, we have different festivals like chand raat, Eid, Sindhi cultures day where we can enjoy the special occasions, etc. Our Hindu community has their festivals like Holi, Diwali we also celebrate their festivals with open hearts. people take a great part in this event full of courage and happiness. There are festivals for Pakistan like 23rd March, 14 August, Iqbal day, Quaid day, defense day these are the days in which we show the true spirit of being Pakistani show our love for Pakistan. There are spring festivals, flower festivals, and many other festivals celebrated in Karachi.

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