Top 10 Modern Rules of Every Escort Girl

There are some rules to follow while having any Escort girl.


1. Check your legal status to see if your nation allows sex with a call lady or not. Some countries, for example, do not permit the operation of call girl services/pimps, and it is difficult to determine if they are independent or not.

2. Age is a crucial factor; always confirm whether a person is over 18. Some nations require more than 21.

3. Sexual safety is essential; many escorts have sexual illnesses such as HIV; always wear a condom.

4.Never try to make a call-girl your girlfriend since she has a lot of relationships already. It’s preferable to shun love and focus on the service she provides.

5.Keep your valuables away from children, such as cash, phone, wallet, or jewellery, which you may store in a locker. The majority of escorts are experts at taking stuff without being discovered.

6.Never record a video or take a photo without her permission; if you do, don’t try to send it to porn without her consent, or if it’s illegal in your country to post porn.

7.Never continually request her phone number to talk with her during free. Escort will offer you her phone number, but only for the next service, charged video call, paid chat, etc.

8.Be wary of drug usage; immediately discontinue the service if she has used drugs, which may land her in legal difficulties. Talk to her first because some escorts are drugged and compelled to serve by someone like a pimp. Make her feel at ease by conversing with her and refraining from having sex with her.

9.Never force an escort to use drugs or drink if she does not want to. Things best to keep to yourself.

10.Be kind and courteous to the escort Oman. She’s more than a sex toy; make some love by kissing or snuggling before and after intercourse. Talk about your favourite topics and feel at ease between you. Have some fun with your sex.

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